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if convenient 壓笥囂嶄塀辛參議杏 匯違頁 if (it is) convenient

そうですね、晩云囂が畠く わからないから、埴と住送しやすいので、鍬するしかないんだ。ご脅栽がいいな

If it is conenient to you . or If it is coneni

^泌惚低圭宴議三,厘断錬李低嬬俊鞭厘断議剱萩 ̄哂囂If it is convenient for

Can you go to the airport to pick up me if you are

A 象傍宸倖字匂瓜喘噐俳護麗瞳 B 楳富定哘乎瓜塋俯恂惹岼 A 厘音岑祇恂焚担低徭失恂畳協

^Convenient for you to speak拭瓜鰌漾Convenience speak

If it's convenient for you屎鳩 泌惚低圭宴議三 If y

If you insist ,we will have to cancel this meeting

艇挫載蝕伉葎艇盾基 鍬咎頁Is it convinient to/for you to ans

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