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无论你遇到什么麻烦和困难,我一定会出现在你身边的。 Whatever you want, I will be with you. No matter what,if you got any trouble and difficulty, I 'll be there No matter what troubles or difficults are bothering you , I willbe...

Never dismiss our dreams no matter what difficulties we may come across.

I will hold your hands no matter what happens. I believe we can go further and further.

I will hold your hands tightly, regardless of whatever hardships we might encounter, as I believe that we can make it together. 楼上两位的多多少少都有些语法错误,比如"no matter what happend"先是把happened少拼了个e,而且遇到的困...

i'll hold tightly on your hand, no matter what happens, i believe we can go futher.

不管遇到什么挫折和困难,我都永远爱你,我希望咱一起去面对,我会陪在你身边一直到永远 Regardless of the difficulties,I will love you forever. I hope we could face together,I will accompany you to the end.

No matter how many difficulties we may face不管遇到多大的困难

Dear! No matter what difficulties we meet, we would be very happy together.希望能够帮助你满意还望采纳哦

No matter where you go, I'll follow you, I'll always be there. 无论你去哪去做什么,我都会跟随你陪伴你,我一直在那。

对应的英语: All functions were set before delivery. You don’t need to reset anyway, and it works once you plug it to power.

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