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in the coming year,our company will spare no efforts to serve you and we will put more attention on our post-sale service.希望我的答案可以帮助到你啵O(∩_∩)O。

We all feel happy,because the new year is coming

新的一年会给我们带来好运气。 The new year will bring us good luck.

祝你在新的一年里心想事成! May the New Year bring your heart's desires!

" This year is about to pass by, what can I take to welcome the coming new year?" 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为你解答!

祝公司在新的一年生意兴隆,取得更大成就! Wish the corporation prosperity and bigger achievement in the coming year.

In the new year, I sincerely may you and your family happy and prosperous , enjoy good health and all go well.

To go to the length, i want to lose weight in a new year.

The new year is coming soon in the new year, I want to study hard, get a good result in the final exam, I would get rid of some bad my bad habits, I hope I can succeed! I wish you all a Happy New Year, everything goes!

翻译如下 迎来了新的一年 bring in the new year 例句 厚厚的一层雾伴着阴冷潮湿的空气迎来了新的一年。 Cold damp air brought in the new year under a blanket of fog.

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