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用什么方法才能获利呢? The puzzle was what benefit would be gained from it when performance might be affected the following day. 问题是当第二天的结果可能会受影响下的情况下,能从中获得好处。

在强调素质教育的今天,我们有必要探索和研究适合当代教育发展的教学模式。 英文:In today's emphasis on quality education, it is necessary for us to explore and study the teaching model which is suitable for the development of cont...

1. The drama which sets up to today? 2. The TV set 7 today

举个例子: She is the president of the student council of school. 一般是最后一个of之后的成分最大,包含之前成分,president(学生会主席)被包含在student council(学生会)里,student council 又被包含在 school 里。Tada~就有结论了

学校的大门是朝南开的。 他正朝着门外看去。 翻译为: The gate of the school is opened in the south. He was looking at the door.

上面两个均为“值得做某事”; 下面从上到下依次为: “没有方法做某事” “做某事是没有意义的” (第三个同上) “做某事是没用的” “没有比做某事更糟糕的了。” 希望对你有帮助!


The reason why other oppion was supported is that... 我倾向于A的主要原因是。。。

My father is good at sports, and he often says that playing sports is good for ourhealth. 我爸爸擅长体育运动,他常说运动对我们的健康有益。 No, they are good to us all the time. 你们的老师对你们严格吗? 不,他们对我们很友好,很...

of一般是表示从属关系,即“······的”,而for一般表示“为了······,对······来说” 这里也是一样,所有of都有“······的”的意思,比如 satisfactory levels of intake of essential nutrients 对······的摄入,······的令人满意的水平 而for前面这...

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