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英语高手翻译,非常赶时间,请高手帮帮忙,不要翻译器翻译的2.1 the traditional English listening teaching model of conditionality College English teachers and students in not

翻译英语!请高手帮忙!!!不要翻译器翻的!!!B:Ann, mind if I asked you a personal question? A:Nope B:Look, I hope you don't mind. But what's the

请英语高手高高手帮忙翻译!!!谢谢啦~~~不要软件及网上Credit risk still has been the main risk facing the retail banks recent years ,it threatens our financial security

英语翻译高手请进,有点难,不要机翻,谢了。。翻译 英语翻译高手请进,有点难,不要机翻,谢了。。杭州的春天,淡装浓抹,无不相宜;夏日荷香阵阵,沁人心脾;秋天,桂枝飘香,菊花斗艳;冬日,

英文段落翻译,请高手帮忙,不要机翻,谢谢!1.According to Brown and the leiwensen's manner theories, aggressive manner strategy be talk artificial satisfy an

请英语高手帮忙翻译几句话,不要机译,非常感谢1 We didn;t change the size since we got your confirmation before.Of cause,it's my responsibility not have


请英文高手帮忙翻译,不会英语的请不要用系统翻,谢谢!_百度sorry to disturb you again! Could you please confirm the contact? The sample is packed and will be delieved by

麻烦英语高手帮忙翻译几句话~!(不要软件翻的)翻译好了。。。 嗯。 Hello, I would like to know the actual amount of the cost. It is alright if you can

英语达人帮忙翻译一下这一长段话,please,赶时间相对正式Singer Ayumi Hamasaki Hong Kong and Taiwan have a number of other Japanese artists cover the | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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