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意译:I went to a group activity, "SensitivitySunday" which was to make us more aware of the problem faced by disabledpeople. We were asked to adopt a disability" forseveral hours one Sunday. Some members like me chose to use

the book you are reading is helpful to us 这是个定语从句,先行词是the book,从句应该跟在先行词后面

你好,时间有两种表达方式:8点 15:eight fifteen a quarter past eight8点 30:eight thirtyhalf past eight8点45:eight forty-fivea quarter to nine

这是个省略句 比较口语化啊,口语很多都是不能进行科学的语法分析的 不懂就继续追问我吧~~ 说全了可以看做“Why it is me?”

英语 English 英语【English】(也可称为美语,例如香港、新加坡等地),英联邦全部、美国等国家和地区的国语或官方语言.公元3世纪起有文献记载,文字采用拉丁字母.为联合国正式语言和工作语言之一.英语属于印欧语系中日耳曼语族

Zhenger's father passed away many years ago without having a portrait. One day zhenger came across an old begger who looks much like his father, so he invited the


As everyone knows, stress is a natural part of everyday life and there is no way to avoid it. As the pace of modern life continues to increase, we are always feeling on the go from morning till night. And it is hard to slow down. It seems to us that

My school is not big as others, but it has all the necessary facilities. At the first I was disppointed when I came here. However, after one week I began to like here. The library, computer rooms, baskeball ground, and football ground make my spare

可能你还需要多了解一些语法知识,还有短语词组以及日常用语的含义之类的,这样在看文章的时候就比较容易理解文章含义了.比如说take off这个词组,在不同语境有不同的含义,它可以被翻译为成功,起飞,脱等等.

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