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一下这句子。。。谢谢!!!千万别用机器翻!!大魔法师 Leppen 让机器翻译见鬼去吧

英语翻译高手!!急要,不要用机器翻!!Thanks for your letter.多谢你的来信 I'm very happy that you can come on Sunday.我很高兴你能在星期天来 When you drive

请教下句英文的正确翻译,谢谢!不要用机器翻!Since the Goods are expected arrived DaLian Port by September, I shall contact with Bank of China at that moment.

请英文好的朋友帮助翻译一下如下的句子,请回答:用户对个人信息安全认识的调查 Survey on Users' Awareness/Knowledge of Private Information Safety 用户使用访问权限设置的

请帮忙翻译下面这句话,谢谢!不要用机器翻啊 呵呵The flow of the peasants, on one hand, changes the production factors in rural areas and offers new resources for rural

英语达人来帮忙翻译一下,谢谢!麻烦不要用蛋疼的机器翻~_百 there’s too little informationin dramas, unable to meet the people’s growing desire. People in the era ofmake money,

帮忙翻译几句句子,翻的好加分,别用机器翻译,谢谢is to record the load versus the crack opening.另一种方法来做这个实验是通过记录力比裂缝大小(的坐标图来实现的)好拉

请翻译高手翻译一下,别用机器翻,错误太明显了is expected in 2008 will be up to $ 33 billion level, which is immune and Testing Largest. By the current national hea

翻译以下句子,不要用机器翻!回答:1.It is possible for her to win the game. 2.All these living goods must arrive before Dec 20th. 3.This

麻烦英语高手帮我翻译下这个~~谢谢我很急 不要机器翻的Rushing through thirty 三十匆匆而过 getting older every day 日益衰老 By two, drawing pictures 画图至深夜两点 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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