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前所未有 [词典] unprecedented; hitherto unknown; such as never previously existed; [例句]农村出现了前所未有的繁荣。 A prosperity never seen before appeared in the countryside.

: "because the use of SVM classification when only a representative point and the sample to be measured to calculate"

Of all the companies which have been contacted, one company will have a courtesy visit next week, and all the expenses are paid for, please refer to the attached document for further details, for those highlighted in blue are i...

好矛盾呀... I am afraid I am rather passive. If I approach you pro-actively, it is because you are very important for me. If I shy away from you, it is not because you are not important, but that I don't know how important I am...

1.历史是说过和做过事情的记忆。 “History is the memory of things said and done.” —Carl Becker Carl 2。历史是什么:是过去传到将来的回声,是将来对过去的反映。 What is history? An echo of the past in the future; a reflex from the f...

纯手工翻译,希望可以帮助到您哦。 Nowadys,there are a lot of software which can prevent Internet users from browsing objectionable sites, and young people like us should understand that it is wrong to do so.

你是要翻译这句话?I am a journalist. Could you please answer me a few questions?


1. Anyone with improper attire is strictly prohibited on board helicopter. Safety vest and ear plugs should be put on before boarding. 2. Fighting and romping are strictly forbidden on board the helicopter. Smoking is not allow...

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