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英语高手请进 能否帮我把这句话翻译成英文

People walk around the heavy traffic, not sure if I'm going or coming, may be I'm just a lookeron.

1. Only you, my life will be full of sunshine! 2. I will love you for life! 3. Happy and well-being is willing to accompany us!

I am sorry! I promise you and myself I will try hard to do the best. I had better not make you and myself disapointed. I won't give up. I will try to go to college like you!

Please don't be worried and everything will fade away. Absolutely you are capable of finding the true love and the Aegean Sea.注:Aegean是爱琴海的意思,老外用爱琴海表示爱情之海.找到属于你自己的幸福,也就是找到你的真命天子,找到真爱,所以我翻译成了the true love.上面的don't worry是不对的,worry是一个及物动词,如果不跟宾语,直接用形容词worried即可.

我做了下面的翻译,不过你本身的翻译太硬了比较文一点的It's better for a man to strive for his career than to get a family.比较直白一点的To be a man, career is always in the fist sight instead of family

I don't understand why you don't like but I still always to see me

Don't be so arrogant. Who do you think you are ? Remember that I will beat you one day. Let's go and see!~

Fight to the last is the most happy smile!金山词霸翻的,你可以下一个

To the rest of the world , you are only a single onebut to me you are my whole world

My vocabulary is low or the dregs, and even a few basic words failed to remember. I am very sorry, but I\u0026#39;m ugly in order not to make you, or the courage to write such a passage.

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