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英语高手请进 能否帮我把这句话翻译成英文

For your company is wanting goods urgently, we arranged our workers to produce on an additional shift this week, and thus, those goods could be ready on the 6th. Then shipment can be on the 9th. Currently, this is the quickest plan.Besides, please

1. Only you, my life will be full of sunshine! 2. I will love you for life! 3. Happy and well-being is willing to accompany us!

I am sorry! I promise you and myself I will try hard to do the best. I had better not make you and myself disapointed. I won't give up. I will try to go to college like you!

Please be happy when you are still alive,since we may be dead for a long time,

Sister, why not? gorgeous silent, maybe the liberation? everyone in the rematch, the good old days, like fantasy and flowing water of the older, everyone feels is not in the same place, to have no idea, but each have their own maze.

Don't be so arrogant. Who do you think you are ? Remember that I will beat you one day. Let's go and see!~

A face of contradictions, and his family the courage to talk and fight for the family. Object in all circumstances, still insist, in order to live their own life. When Robinson businessmen give up ease and comfort of living and working in the legal study, the

My vocabulary is low or the dregs, and even a few basic words failed to remember. I am very sorry, but I\u0026#39;m ugly in order not to make you, or the courage to write such a passage.

I was informed that you had left +++ company for America. We feel regret about that and miss you very much. We've successfully established a close contact and relationship through years of cooperation. We hope you will remeber us when you are in

你问的应该是这句:"The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one."这是《麦田里的守望者》里的一句,是原文.直译是一个不成熟的男人的标志是愿意为某个事业英勇的死去;一个成熟的男人的标志是愿意为某个事业卑微的活着.

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