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Battery operated Remote control. 电池操作遥控器 The item is in very good conditions and complete. 该零件状态良好,完好无损。 The remote ontrol is made of tin and comes with a wheel on the front to move the tractor, and with 2 l...

诗阿 我要重下海去, 去那寂寥的大海和长天, 我只要一艘高高的航船, 一颗星星为我导航; 我只要海轮的倔强, 海帆的震颤, 海风的歌唱; 只要海面上灰蒙蒙的雾霭, 灰蒙蒙的破晓曙光….

我此刻需要的只是一副眼镜。 spectacles 眼镜

1. The body sizes vary greatly among different species of the bats. Wingspread of the flying-fox can reach to 1.5 meters, whereas that of Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat is only 15 centimeters. 2. Generally, megabats eat fruit or nectar ...

standoff 僵持,僵局 weigh on使。。。苦恼

You don't mind 【my/others'最好加上这个】calling you Xiao Li, do you? 你不会介意【我/别人】叫你小李/小丽,对吧? 祝你开心如意!

```Do you know the words that you speak so have already harmed my heart more? I am true that night of cried for you` Do you know? Call me forget you` But I can not do it`` If can our leading afresh can? Be to everyone's an oppo...

Although he did not know well, he made his way easyenough to the airport. 虽然他不知道,他这个操作极其简单,去机常

1 cherish time 2 The saying(俗话)goes:knowledge is power 3 It's said that confidence is success

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