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For me, English grammar is more difficult, because of the syntax is not clear, every time when the theme is very time-consuming. But I did not give up in my bookstore to buy a lot about English grammar books, ask students to use spare time to see

第一题因为有限定词the,所以要选B,定于从句第二题 factory 前面没有限定次,应该选C 他是省略了that,the one (that)


Love is pure and only ,when the youth has left me and when i`m no longer young and you meet the sumer but that will be forever stored in my heart. 爱是纯洁和唯一的,当年轻离我而去,当我不再年轻而你遇见了sumer,不过你永远留在我心中.

You don't mind 【my/others'最好加上这个】calling you Xiao Li, do you?你不会介意【我/别人】叫你小李/小丽,对吧?祝你开心如意!

1.The position of my new seat is quite good! 2.I think the party on Sunday nice 3.because I am studying at school now,so I really have no idea where to have supper! 4.I bought a pair of glass instead of the old one this week! 5.It was quite boring that

This article mainly elaborated enhanced the enterprise competitive power two countermeasure analysis: The first kind is a Internet, relies on convenient and the inexpensive network information service, causes an enterprise to stand in the identical

Be grateful for what we have until we lose it. i will not be that way to you .!

Don't know how to express, 虽然不知道如何表达Now of I, 但是此刻的我Very contented, 感到非常满足Don't need any gorgeous language, 不需要用什么华丽的辞藻去渲染Hopes this happiness will keep company with me forever. 只希望这种幸福的感觉能和我一直形影不离.Learn to grow up slowly, 学会慢慢的成长Brilliant smile.灿烂的微笑吧~

邮电:post and telecommunications海外部主任: Director of Overseas Department感到骄傲和荣幸: feels proud and houonredgracious invitation: 诚恳的邀请a distinguished group:杰出人士寄托:have someone look after sb; entrust the care

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