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This article mainly elaborated enhanced the enterprise competitive power two countermeasure analysis: The first kind is a Internet, relies on convenient and the inexpensive network information service, causes an enterprise to stand in the identical

1.我昨天买的随身听坏了.The walkman which I bought yesterday is broken down.(注意,这里不能用broken,因为broken是形容已经碎了,拆开了才坏的,而要用broken down形容机器不能正常使用)2.上个月建成的大厦是用来做

Although he did not know well, he made his way easyenough to the airport.虽然他不知道,他这个操作极其简单,去机场.

Teacher: hello, wish you happy holidays. The new semester, and the final grade New Year we'll try, although you are new over us, and we will believe in nine with excellent results prove himself. You will not be disappointed.The teacher in your holiday

long long ago, there was a smart kid called Kong Rong. He is study hard and good at thinking. He has five older brothers and one younger brothers. One day, his father bought some pairs. His father let Kong Rong choose at first. He took the smallest

Love did not walk away, tears wandering in our eyes,in the very short time the fierce vibrations of earth give everyone an attack .No one can do any response to that,everything has been already collapsed.It mixed many wishes to be realize,sinked to the ruins,sinked to the dark.

Ease Customer 绝对最佳答案,哈哈哈

(5) rhetoric methodAdvertising English is in many words with rhetorical effect, to maintain the original text rhetoric effect of literal translation, some easy figure can be converted into the same levels and different levels of other figure, artistic effect. The

Today, I want to say something about movies. Have I'm more interested in the film, for example, the spurs by baling " Like the sting of baling or because I'm a real fan, so he is always the movie I liked.Mention films had recently? Let me think the time 2.we always talk: knowledge is power 3.some people say:confidence is success

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