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你好本句应该这样翻译: I'm sorry, I can't have dinne

为你解答。 你想和我一起吃晚饭吗?当然,我很乐意。 Do you want to (join) me

你好! 晚上有空一起吃饭吗,我已经下班了 Are you free for dinner at

They wanted me to have dinner with them, but I had

Because I can stay with all my family and have a g

你是限量版的,大咧咧的女人。我喜欢和你交朋友,有空一起吃饭吧! You are a limited

I'd like to invite you to have dinner next Tue

Hope anothe meal with you the next time.

1.我在中国有许多新朋友。 I have many new friends in China. 2

“我们一起吃饭”的英文:we eat together 一、eat 读法 英 [iː

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