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He is playing basketball. 他正在打篮球.The bird is flying. 那只小鸟在飞.The pigeon is flyng. 那只格子在飞.The dog is barking. 那只狗在叫.A little girl is crying. 一个小女孩正在哭.I am answering your question. 我正在回答你的问题.She is doing her homework. 她正在做家庭作业.He is talking with his teacher. 他正在和他的老师谈话.I am watching TV. 我在看电视.Li Lei is running. 李雷正在跑步.

英语现在进行时:(10句)1) I'm doing my homework.2) I'm talking about a story.3) He is drawing a picture. 4) She is dancing.5) They are singing.6) We are working now.7) we are planing where to go.8) Mr White is teaching us English.9) We are swimming in the beach.10) Who is teaching you Chinese ?

哇,楼上的 你牛叉了,shopping什么时候变成shoping了!

I am doing my homework 我正在做作业I am playing computer games 我正在玩电脑游戏I am reading book 我正在看书I am writing email 我正在写电子邮件I am writing store in English 我正在用英语写故事 I am collecting stamps 我正在收集邮票I am watching TV 我正在看电视I am having dinner 我正在吃晚饭I am looking for you 我正在寻找你

1 Listen, the bird is singing.2 The teacher is giving us a lesson at the moment/present.3 Are you playing family computer games?4 He isn't having dinner now.5 They are walking and talking.

对不起,我中午的作业抄了你们的答案.{{{(>_< )}}} (吴山小学)

1、一般现在时 light travels faster than sound.(光比声音传播得快) the earth is round.(地球是圆的)2、一般过去式 i wached tv last night.(我昨天晚上看电视) did you have a good dinner?(你晚饭吃得好吗)3、注意不是”正在进行时“

“he is singing in the ktv now. 他正在ktv里面唱歌.”这就是一个正在进行时句子的肯定句,要变为否定句,只需在系动词am/is/are 后面加not就可以,将上面的句子改为否定句就是:he is not singing in the ktv now. 希望以上可以帮到你!

1、Sandy and Sue are going to school.2、John is reading a book.3、We are waiting for you outside the bookstore.4、The boy is playing basketball.5、The children are singing under the tree.6、My sister is looking after the baby.7、She is

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