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five million three hundred thousand


Working in this school since 19 93, his teaching characteristic is the work is earnest, abundant experience of students demanding, rich, the school excellent teachers, encouraging students one of, and students into a, deeply welcome students望采纳!

let my trails disintegrate to dust, let never a soul to see me again.(让我的脚步化成灰尘,再也没有一个人(也可说是灵魂)看到我.)Allow me to disappear from reality, to a place where none can find me.(允许我从现实中消失,到一个无人可找到的地方.)Let me be forgotten with time, let my footsteps to be hidden.(让我随着时光被遗忘,隐藏着我的脚步.)这三个意思都跟你的差不多,都是比较高深的说法.

If I don't forget you.How can I tell you! 标准的!

您好,可翻译为:I always care about everything of yours no matter what you said is me or not.满意速速速采纳并给好评,谢谢合作!


We have come across this situation: a child, someone asked us what want to grow up. We will answer: scientists, like the Prime Minister , junior high, we would say: police, doctors and the like , but now if someone asked you, we would say: Who

翻译:世界上最幸福的事之一就是有个人一直在想着你! 我想你! 这句话没有错误,think后面加s即可,但是不地道,英文中对这种头重脚轻的句子会用形式主语It代替,如下: It is one of the happiest things in the world th亥掸忿赶莜非冯石辅将at there is someone always thinks about you! | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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