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最常见的就是more……more……这个词组啦~~还有些词组:love you more and more 越来越爱become better and better 越来越好less and less 越来越少希望能帮到你哦~

可用:more and more 后面带形容词.译为:越来越 the more , the more 译为:越 越 希望这对你有帮助,欢迎追问,谢谢!

more and more是多音节词才这么用的.单音节的直接用比较级就可以了.汗,我高中了,还没学过increasing

还可以根据不同形容词 **er and **er例如 He is getting taller and taller.还有可以用 becoming + 形容词比较级 + overtime例如He is becoming more hard-working over time.


More and more shops on the main street downtown keep open beyond midnight. Those birds have become more numerous lately. 愿您拥有越来越多的时间! (Sir Walter Scott). More and more university students are interested in world

越来越多的英文:more and more more 读法 英 [m(r)] 美 [mr] 1、作代词的意思是: 更多的;另外的;更大的2、作副词的意思是:更多;再;另外;进一步 短语1、more carefully 更仔细2、more harm 更多的伤害3、more knowledge 更多的知识4、more money 更多的钱5、more word 还有话

(你越来越厉害了/你越来越不厉害了)You are doing better and better/You are doing worse and worse(我的钱越来越少了)My money becomes less and less(我越来越捆了)I feel more and more sleepy(我越来越喜欢你了)I like you more and more(我的情绪越来越糟糕了)I feel more and more terrible(我越来越想你了)I miss you so much on and on举一反三.

形容词或副词比较级 + and + 形容词或副词比较级 如:better and better:越来越好 more and more:越来越多

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