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My Summer Vacation Summertime is the best time of the year. There is no school for months and I get to do what I want. With no tests and no homework, I'm as free as a bird. I do many things during the summer vacation. I relax by reading books

The town called Nanjing, It's in the south-east of China ,There is lot of people.It's not only very big,but has a long history as well,And it has been here for hundreds years.It's not the capital of China,however,people here are all friendly.Nanjing is usually hot in summer and cold in winter.I love there!

我的暑假快过完了(My School holiday will be over soon ) It was a long school holiday and it was over. I spent most of my time at home reading, tried to catch up with my English . But last Saturday, I went out for a short trip. I visited a farm in the

初中英语暑假作文 I think this summer over a very meaningful day,in addition to the study of computers outside,also tried a new aerobic exercise -YOGA,I love this sport, so I learned an optimistic face life,but also to correct my bad shape,for my future

My summer holidays During summer holidays ,I did many meaningful things and I also went to many different things.I spent only five days finishing my homework.It's quite worthwhile compare to the joy

1、A dull day(写无聊的一天是如何度过的)2、Go to see a film(写看电影的经过) 3、A birthday party(写我的生日聚会或参加别人的生日聚会)4、My trip(写我的一次旅行) 5、My best friend(写我最好的朋友的外貌、性格特点等) 6、My favourite food(写我最喜欢的食物) 7、My favourite festival(写我最喜欢的节日) 8、A holiday plan(写一个假期的计划) 9、A study plan(写一个学习计划) 10、I like read books(写我怎样的喜欢看书)

My holiday life will be busy but interesting. I am going to do my homework every day so that I can finish my homework on time.I am going to the library to borrow some books and go to the shops to buy some books so that I can read some interesting

No.1 live very happily today! In the morning, it is very fine! Then I climb the mountain with family, the air on the mountain is very fresh, the flowers plants and trees on the mountain all seem extremely beautiful. In the afternoon, I go to friend's home to

As summer vacation is appoaching,I feel more than excited!My plan is as followed:At first,I will allow myself to have a good rest after a long period of hard study.Secondly,I have an appointment with my friends to go climbing and play basketball.

我可以教你一个方法.要写英语短文的话,对我们来说英语和中文不一样的,我们写的英语作文只要没有语病就给满分,不一定想中文要求那么多.更何况是写60~70个单词.一般情况下介绍下家里的成员有几个人:There are 【数量】 people

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