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英语livE in 和 livE

live in生活在... live at生活在... live in后面应该加相对较大的地方,比如国家、城市等。 如:live in China;live in Wuhan live at后面则是加相对较小的,比如说街道、区等。 如:live at Green street;live at this road

地址单位中,小的用at,大的用in。所以多见live in,也有live at的情况

live on靠...(活着) (以...为主食) live in生活在 live in后面应该加相对较大的地方 比如国家 城市等 live at后面则是加相对较小的 比如说街道 区等

live on靠...(活着) (以...为主食);通常live on后面可以加一个较小的具体的地址比如街道,这个时候live on的意思是“居住在xx地方” live in生活在 live in后面应该加相对较大的地方 比如国家 城市等 如live in China live in Wuhan How long did...

liven vt.& vi.(使)有生气,活跃; 使…活跃(或活泼)起来; [英][ˈlaɪvn][美][ˈlaɪvən]

您好,答案是Do you kn ow where he lives ?? 希望帮助你

It is generally accepted by the contemporary people that we live in a world that everything is changing and developing incredibly rapidly. In such an environment we grew up, unquestionably, the place we live, relax and spend ou...

live in v. 住进 live on v. 继续生活, 以...为主食, 靠...生活

live in the suburbs 1.better living environment. can get more personal areas which means in the city has lots of people is very crowded and noisy.There is not that much pollution in the suburbs.Good for health. 2.High living st...

楼主你好,首先你的两个句子本身都有一点儿小问题,就是特殊疑问词没有用对 应该是 Where do you live in意思是你在哪里住(地址) 而第二个是 What do you live on 意思是你靠什么生存(养家糊口) 这两个句子都不可以用which的,那样意思不通 ...

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