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求几篇英语topic3. Your best friend’s sister is going to marry an American, and you two talk about the marriage across nations.4.

求几个经典的英语TOPIC。2009-01-15 英语话题topic 7 2011-06-05 请帮我想几个英语topic 谢了 2009-07-24 帮我想几个Topic English的题目,谢谢。 3 2010

英语十个topic话题。话题是一个提问或者是选择。5.what's your favourite music star?6.are you good at tennis?7.have you ever heard that Lina lost this year?8.are

求几篇英语的topic范文there also exist some common problems,such as,pollution,noises,traffic jams.Compared with living in the city,living in the

适合讨论的英语口语话题Topic].[英语口语话题Topic]英语跟我学2008-03-29 16:18阅读1611评论6 字号:大中小 Topic:Something about the birthday Hint: When

最新[英语口语话题Topic]今日话题: Secret love  Were you a secret admirer for someone? How was your feeling? How do you think

求 英语 topic 范文 10 篇求 英语 topic 范文 10 篇 要短小精炼的最好是评述时事的还要那种面试可能考的topic例如:超女现象等关键是我要记观点和句型谢谢!急!!我就

用英语讨论一些话题英语口语话题200篇如果是和别人正在聊天,但是聊到了你不想谈论的话题,不想让气氛尴尬的话,我们肯定不能说: Shut up! 闭嘴

英语十个topic话题.话题是一个提问或者是选择.比如 you want to learn a second language?2.what's your holiday plan?'s your

要一篇英语的演讲 topic随便 250字左右用于课前演讲12个英语口语话题topic.每篇300词左右.1.Education in China 2.Qualified College Graduates 3.Importan | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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