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用心做好手中的每一件事 英语怎么说

Intention to do everything

chores, that's one thing i really do not like doing. however, it is absolutely necessary to do chores in order to keep my room clean and organized. so i usually set up a reward for myself if i do certain chores to keep me going. for example, i would

we have to do everything well 若对你有帮助,望采纳,谢谢了

There's only one thing I am doing with all my heart right now, it's called waiting. 不是很确定要表达的意思 不然这个写法写成waiting for you会比较好 可以按需求自己改得更合适:)

用心做好每一天Carefully done every day

用心做好没一件事是我的优点.英语翻译:attentively complete each thing is my advantage.

treat everyone and everything around you with all your heart.希望对你有帮助~天上~

楼主,你好.翻译是:he promise that he can try his best to help me.希望楼主采纳!

用心去生活,去面对每一件事” "To live with your heart, to face everything英 [feis] 美 [fes] n. 面容; 表面; 脸; 方面; vt.& vi. 面对; 面向…; 正视; 承认; vt. (感到不能)对付; (明知不好办而)交谈; 必须对付(某情况); 面临…;

用心过好每一天_有道翻译 翻译结果:Have a good heart every day

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