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He cares about his students and makes friends with us. He works seriously and responsibly.绝对正确

He is very concerned about the students, has diligence, enthusiasm, patience and responsibility in the aspect of work.

1)Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, I'm writing to you from my home in China. I returned home safe and sound. When I think of the wonderful two weeks I spent in Australia, I just can't help thinking of both of you. It was so kind of you to have provided

;1,热爱教育事业,工作认真负责, 乐于帮助学生.2,教学方法多样,课堂 生动有趣,深受学生欢迎.3,经常为中 学生作如何学好英语的报告.4,任本报 顾问1提出了许多有益建议

Grace is one of myclassmates. She is not good at study, though she usually works very hard. Maybeshe just doesn't find the learning method suitable for her. In my mind, she isclever. Thongh she is not good at study, she is popular in our class. In

Our teacher is strict in his work.希望能够采纳,谢谢!

你好!Nursing job makes demands of earnest,cautiousness and meticulosity .如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

本人工作认真、负责一丝不苟、且具有很强的责任心和进取心.本人性格温和、谦虚、自律、自信. I'm diligent and conscientious on my job, with a sprit of responsibility and ambition. I'm mild, unobtrusive, self-disciplined and confident in characteristics. 这个人是谁啊?性格这么矛盾,既有'进取心'又'谦虚温和'.

hardworking, positive and diligent 就可以了

Our classroom is very beautiful. There are three kinds of flowers,I like them very much.And there are some nice desk.There are many interesting book in our bookcase.So I think my classroom is most beatiful in our shool.My classmate are very fiendly.So we are good friend. We study-hard every day.

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