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crazy kids

Hall Of Fame - The Script Yeah, you could be the greatest, you can be the best You can be the King Kong banging on your chest You could beat the world, you could beat the war You could talk to God, go banging on His door You ca...

No Man's Land 播放 歌手:Beverley Knight 语言:英语 所属专辑:Beverley Knight - The Collection

是《journey》,她的那首《over the rainbow》也蛮好听的!

Whooaaa~ Whooaaa~Whooaaa~Whooaaa Shes starin at me I'm sittin wonderin wat shes thinkin Mmmmm Nobodies talkin Cause talkin just turns into screamin Ohhh And now it's I'm yellin over her She yellin over me All that then means Is...

betterfly fly away?

有这种歌词的挺多的啊,歌名是《hearbeats》也有很多不同的,听听下面这几首 My Heartbeat- Y Lam My Heartbeat-anosha Heartbeat-Mat Kearney 男声,节奏偏快,歌词有些出入,觉得可能是这首,挺好听的

曲目:前女友 演唱:罗忆诗 Yise首张同名专辑 祝福全都是真的 和平分开那一刻 一定要幸福 当是我是这样说的 我应该替你快乐 听说她温柔多了 明明不爱了 怎么还认为你是我的 我知道这种想法要不得 你有没有一点点觉得我还是无可取代的 祝你幸福也...


love you more than i can say 歌手:未知 Woh woh yeah yeah I love you more than I can say I'll love you twice as much tomorrow Woh love you more than I can say Woh woh yeah yeah 'I miss you every single day Why must my life be f...

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