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有一首英文歌我就记得是B什么For you的


Right here waiting, or Nothing's gonna change my love for you?

最佳答案你说的应该是有一段时间很流行的《I saw you》吧? 网上很好下的 歌曲:i saw you walking in the rain 歌手:阿宇 专辑:阿宇 i saw you (and her) walking in the rain you were holding hands and i will never be the same tossing ...

Nothing is Gonna Change My Love For You 是这首么

《廊桥遗梦》主题曲《忠贞不愉的爱情》Nothing's gonna change my love for you 由格莱恩梅德罗斯(Glenn Medeiros)演唱,后被西城男孩翻唱过。

I will be right here waiting for you 歌手:Richard Marx ,中文译做此情可待 下载: 歌词: Oceans apart day after day And I slowly go insame I hear your voice on the line But it ...

falling in love with you 或者i can't help falling in love with you 如果你要的是比较欢快的 是ateens唱的,比较悲一点的 也有迈克杰克逊 唱的,不过我觉得还是 ateens 唱的比较好听

train 的 drive by 绝对是这个,你听听去 ,很早以前的了。你听啊,不是给你100分。

应该是这首歌——《thank you for hearing me》, 是Sinead O'Connor 唱的。(王菲翻唱过,专辑《全体面》) 下载地址: SINEAD O CONNOR/Thank%20You%20For%20Hearing%20Me.mp3 歌词如下: thank you for hearing m...

EEh-eh Eh-eh Ye-ha Ye-ha Eh-eh Eh-eh Aha-aha Eh-eh Eh-eh Ye-ha Ye-ha Eh-eh Eh-eh Aha-aha I love that lavender blonde The way she moves The way she walks I touch myself can t get enough And in the silence of the night Through al...

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