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有一首英文歌只记得一句歌词:wE CoulD BE togEthE...

我猜是芝华士的广告歌.Hooverphonic的Mermaid Song.你要的话可以发你~we could be togethereveryday togetherwe could sit foreveras loving waves spill oververse:the moon is fully risenand shines over the seaas you glide in my visionthe time

电影 蓝精灵-寻找神秘村 Heroes (We Could Be) - Alesso & Tove Lo We go hideaway in daylight 光天化日 我们e799bee5baa6e79fa5e98193e59b9ee7ad9431333363393666隐藏自己 We go undercover when under sun 阳光下 我们暗地行动 Got a

Counting star-One Rupublic 数星星-共和时代乐队 您所说的"we could be"在歌中完整的句子为"Thinking about the things that we could be.""become a star"应该是原歌中的"we'll be counting stars" 至于“啊啊啊”应该是 "I ~~~~~feel something so right."

歌名是i could be the one 歌手是donna lewis 去看看吧 是不是这首歌啊

可能 是Foxy Shazam唱的 Forever TogetherWhen I go on tour, my son always tells meWish he had a normal dadJust like the 9 to 5'sHe don't understand what it is to be in a bandIn rock n' roll landThey don't understand x4Before I go on tourHe

你可能听到是翻唱Tove Lo的歌演唱者:RUNAGROUND歌名:Heroes - Alesso (Acoustic Cover Version)歌词:[Verse 1: Tove Lo]We could hide away in daylightWe go undercover, wait out the sunGot a secret side in plain sightWhere the streets

make her say lady gaga ft. kid cudi

歌名《Unstopable》乐队 The Score 歌词 we could be hero every we go 望采纳

need you now - lady antebellumpicture perfect memories scattered all around the floorreaching for the phone'cause i can't fight it anymoreand i wonder if i ever cross your mindfor me it happens all the timeit's a quarter after onei'm all alone and i

Fall Out Boy的歌,歌名是Immortals,这是动画电影《超能陆战队》的主题曲歌词:They say we are what we are,But we don't have to be,I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way,I'll be the watcher (watcher),Of the eternal flame,I'll be the guard dog,

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