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once i went in to the university,there had been 3 teachers who taught me.they shared a lot in common,meanwhile,they also have their own features.first of all,they are all female,all my opinion,my 3 teachers can stand for 3 age groups-20s,30

there will me more need for your help, sincerely hopes for our enjoyable cooperation in the futureI will give you the reply for this 3 questions soon.

That year,we seemed to be rich. That year,we seemed to be so rich that we even bought a pack of cigarette which our fathers are reluctant to smoke. That year ,we seemed to be so rich that we'd rather become the babysitter of our lovers than buy a

有 此度假的无用 这些白色的药片不能客气 我已经给予了很多的思想在这个13小时的车程 我错过了磨削具体,我们坐在过去的8或9 慢慢完成笑着辉光在我们的车头灯 我已经考虑了很多思考的夜晚,我们使用了 几天来和去 当我们的生活,但如此

第二段语气用词上正式一些,如果是公文,采用第二段比较好(his staying 按照语境应该为her staying),一般性的说明,第一段不错.She will be staying in America from June 3rd to 18th, 2015.

its all about me 这就是全部的我day after day after day 日复一日its all about me 这就是全部的我what more can i say 我还能说些什么呢its all about me 这就是全部的我day in and day out 日出日落its all about me 这就是全部的我thats what my worlds

Please treasure what you have nowPlease don't wait to know when it lost its importance to youPlease don't lose heartIf you missed, also want to be a happy personNo matter where you arePlease cherish all you haveCherish the people living好啦.LZ给粉吧.

As international trade and international marketing mix business operation of the increasing frequency, business english translation as a means of communication and media plays an important role. the business english is one of the english, to form

1/ The city and the countryside is just like New York and Kenya. 2. The wine that ordinary people can afford to drink is called Guojiu. 3. Walk straight from here about XXX metres and then turn left/right. Then you can see XXX and turn to (east/ south/ west/north ) XXX road. You can find it.

My name is 000000 I comefrom 0000 graduated fromLongHuiXian ninth middle school, myhobbies have badminton, skating, playchess, and my phone number is 0000my father is a construction engineer.I admire him, because he not onlybuilt many houses for others,We

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