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你好!愿被这世界温柔以待 May the world be soft

que vous soyez traité tout doucement par ce monde . 愿你被这个世界温柔以待 .

百度翻译为:愿你被这世界温柔相待may you be gentle with the world

你好!愿被这世界温柔以待may the world be soft

Hey world, love me tender直译:Wish I could be treated gently by the world法语不会

翻译成英文“愿被这世界温柔相待”:be willing to be gentle with the world

愿你也能被这个世界温柔相待.wish you also to be softly treated by this world.

May you work hard all your life, be loved all your life, have everything you want, and only may you be treated with tenderness in this world.

愿你被这个世界温柔以待 即使生命总以刻薄荒芜相欺的英文:Be indifferent to others. May you be gentle in this world, even if life always deceives you with harshness and desolation.gentle 读法 英 ['dentl] 美 ['dentl] adj. 温和的;轻柔的;

愿你被这世界温柔相待 直译:May you will be tendered by this world 意译:May you get the tender treatment from this world

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