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you are very are of goodness/kindness.

希望不久见到你 hope to see you soon

中文 你真是太好了.英文翻译 That is good of you.

It's really nice of you for thinking me like that.不知道你是不是要填词

you are so kind(指人的性格)你真是太好了you are very good(指人做事等)你真是太好了

It is great to meet you here!精锐教育老师的回答!

Of you to say so

一般说 hope to see you again 没有什么很高兴再见你,除非第一次见面 nice to see you

1. 我希望我能再次见到你.I hope I can see you again.2. 我希望能很快再次见到你.I look forward to seeing you soon.

很高兴为你解答:你能这样做真是太好了英文翻译it is very nice1 it is very nice of you to do that2 it is very nice that you can do this good luck1

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