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在线等用英语怎么说 在线等 翻译: 1 wait online 2 online waiting

体检 [拼音]:tǐ jiǎn [解释]: 1.a health checkup; a physical examination; a medical inspection ; physical examination; medical check-up [参考词典]:汉英综合科技大辞典 汉英综合大词典 定期体检 periodic physical examination 身体检...

个体经营: self-employment 个体经营者: self-employed individual 个体经营企业: self-employment business

on the contrary=by contrast 与之相反 举例如下: I believe you like your job.On the cootrary(by contrast),I hate it.(我知道你喜欢你的工作,与你相反的是,我讨厌它。)

kelvin spacy 在 美国丽人 里面有句台词说: i'm just an ordinary guy, with nothing to lose. 我只是个普通人,没什么可失去的。(字面意思)

人才储备 [词典] talent pool; [例句]去年六月,我以实习生的身份加入了上海希尔顿的人才储备生项目。 I joined Hilton Shanghai last June as an intern in the Graduate Intake Program.

(1) of the normative role Law regulating role is demonstrated by its own law on people's behavior or the potential impact on social relations. 1. Guidelines role. Act guidelines for the performance of the role: as a legal code ...

take me

一般: common; general 中等: medium my english level is commonly

水凝胶中残留的未反应的交联剂可能对植物产生毒害作用。 水凝胶中残留的未反应的交联剂可能对植物产生毒害作用。

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