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在线等用英语怎么说 在线等 翻译: 1 wait online 2 online waiting

1.from the ancient times to the present 2.from time immemorial (自古以来)

个体经营: self-employment 个体经营者: self-employed individual 个体经营企业: self-employment business

在线等,生产流水线的英文翻译_百度翻译 在线等,生产流水线 Online, production line production_百度翻译 production 英[prəˈdʌkʃn] 美[prəˈdʌkʃən, pro-] n. 产量; 产品; 生产,制作; 夸张的行动...

体检 [拼音]:tǐ jiǎn [解释]: 1.a health checkup; a physical examination; a medical inspection ; physical examination; medical check-up [参考词典]:汉英综合科技大辞典 汉英综合大词典 定期体检 periodic physical examination 身体检...

on the contrary 是完全相反 In contrast 是与此不同 "与此相反"在中文里包含有上面两个意思,要看情况选择.

人才储备 [词典] talent pool; [例句]去年六月,我以实习生的身份加入了上海希尔顿的人才储备生项目。 I joined Hilton Shanghai last June as an intern in the Graduate Intake Program.

(1) of the normative role Law regulating role is demonstrated by its own law on people's behavior or the potential impact on social relations. 1. Guidelines role. Act guidelines for the performance of the role: as a legal code ...

First of all, I would like to thank your company for supporting and coordinating our company all the way. I hope that we can further expand our cooperation in future. Recently, we received a patent infringement complaint about ...

这是《英语国家概况》里的句子: 意思是英国的国教是英格兰教和苏格兰教。 Established church 是国教的意思

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