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Dear Client, This letter (email) is a friendly reminder to urge you place the order when the price in quote is still effective. ... Sincerely yours, your name

could you place the order as soon as possible?

催客人下单成功的信件[外贸常用英语] Dear b, Glad you talk with you about the okoume plywood. We now decide to give you FOB lianyungang USD 0000 to make the first trial order .It is our best and last quotation .I will give you th...

告诉他你们工厂正在忙着生产其它的订单, 要是客户能够早点下单的话, 我们可以早些有序的安排生产 , 本人的一点小小建议, 希望可以帮助你

一般我都是很直接问的 Do you have any plan about new order? 或者假如有计划下单,单子还没给的话就按照下面的 we would prefer to receive the purchase order early, and arrange prouction early accordingly.

international trade order、orders、foreign trade orders

We have shipped the goods as your request,and the goods will be loaded on *****. Please kindly advise us your requirements of order in August. Tks in advance.

May I have your order?

可以翻译为 As long as the customers place their orders to us, we can meet them (只要客户给我们下订单,我们都可以满足他们),If the customers place their orders to us, we can meet them (如果客户给我们下订单,我们就可以满足他们)。

Long time no contact , hope you all things goes well and it is a successful business for you. If there are any questions or requirements we might be help please do not hesitate to let us know freely, we are expect to the cooper...

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