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找一首很欢快的英文歌,歌词有shE's so Funny AnD ...

Just One Last Dance - Sarah Connor Just one last dance oh baby just one last dance 只是最后一舞,亲爱的,只是最后的一支 We meet in the night in the Spanish café 那个夜晚 我们相遇在西班牙咖啡馆 I look in your eyes just don't know ...

这首歌是《We Can't Stop》,是美国女歌手麦莉·赛勒斯演唱的一首流行歌曲; We Can't Stop 所属专辑 Bangerz 音乐风格 Dance-pop,R&B,流行电音 MV 导演 黛安娜·马特尔 Its our party we can do what we want (no drama) Its our party we can ...


she is so funny 她太有趣了 she is so funny 她太有趣了

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