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It s just you----LMNT ,肯定是这个,(Kim can you read me? Kim Possible are you there? Over.)You can do the thingsThat can't be done. (Kim Possible)You can win the fightsThat can't be won.When you're on a missionYou see it through.'Cuz it's

是不是这首? Back street boys的.It's gotta be you Baby it's the way you make me Kinda get me go crazy Never wanna stop It's gotta be you(uh huh, uh huh) I can't control it any more I've never felt like this before Mmm, you really make me lose my

歌词应为“Its a beautiful life oh whoa-oh-oh”,出自Ace of Base演唱的《Beautiful Life》.歌名:Beautiful Life 演唱:Ace of Base 词曲:Jonas Berggren, John Ballard 制作:Jonas Berggren, Denniz Pop, Max Martin 所属专辑:The Bridge 发行

Deepside - Booty MusicWhen it be going like that boom boom,当我听到嘣嘣的声音.girl i want to put you all up in my room.女孩,我想把你在我房间抱起.I wanna put you all up against that wall.我想把你抵住墙.Throw you on the bed and take

Allison Iraheta - Just Like YouYou texted me to sayyou made a mistakeCouldn't say it face to faceYou thought you wanted herand got what you deservedNow look who's getting playedThey say karma comes aroundUsed to want you, but I don't

I'm at Mount St.I Don't KnowI'm lookin' upI can't see aroundAll the heartaches, headaches, earthquakesI know that ITore things downI go out after midnight just to see you playCuz you're ageless contagiousYou gotta be seen to be believedYou're

你好,不知道你要找的是不是这首歌:i just can't wait to be king歌词如下:i just can't wait to be kingmusic by elton john, lyrics by tim riceperformed by elton john way beyond the water holea little down the linethe jungle and the plains and peaksare

是这个吗?Give Me Just A Little More Time- marc Anthony - Mended marc anthony:"give me a reason"I should have told youI should have found a wayI should have worked a little harder just to show you loveif I'd have givena little more of my

U Don't Know 歌手:Jay-ZTurn my music high, high, high, high-er'You don't know.. what you're doing, doing, doing, doing..'Sure I do..I'm from the streets where thehood could swallow a man, bullets'll follow a manThere's so much coke that you could

歌曲:I Got You 我理解了你 歌手:Leona Lewis 雷奥娜.路易斯 版本一 A place to crash 一个地方起碰撞 I got you 我打击了你 No need to ask 没有必要去问起 I got you 我惹火了你 Just get on the phone 电话刚刚一接通 I got you 我听到了你 Come

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