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这种情况 英语

对于这种情况,可以有很多种说法,比如:in this case 或者也可以说:for this situatuion. 还可以用:under this circumstances 根据具体的语境,直接说at this point都可以表达出来对于这种情况的意思。英语的表达,针对不同的语境可以选择不...

从未碰到过这种情况. Never encountered such a situation 英 [inˈkauntə] 美 [ɛnˈkaʊntɚ] vt. 不期而遇; 遭遇; 对抗; n. 相遇,碰见; 遭遇战; 对决,冲突; vi. 碰见,尤指不期而遇;


Generally, this rarely happens.

avoid this kind of situation from happening

这种现象很正常 This kind of phenomenon is quite normal 这件事情很常见 What had happened is often seen 或: This sort of things is rather common. 很乐意能够帮到你,希望会对你有助。 若不明白请继续问,如满意敬请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢你。

在这种情况下,这个词我用对了吗 In this case, have I used the word correctly? In this case, did I use the word correctly? In this situation, have I used the word correctly? In such a situation, have I used the word correctly? 等...

1、Why does this happen? 2、How could this be? 3、How can it be? 4、how did we come to this? 为什么:why; why is it that; how is it that; forwhy; whereto 出现:appear; appearance; arise; emerge; grow 现象:phenomenon; appearanc...

In view of this situation/case

在这种情况下 in that case / under the circumstances / in such a case In that case we will not look on with folded arms. 在这种情况下,我们不会袖手旁观。 Under the circumstances, I couldn't go away. 在这种情况下,我不能离开 In s...

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