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I am truly sorry.

低挫! 斤音軟寔議載宇埜 Sorry, I am really sorry.

寔議載宇埜. 喘哂猟燕器頁 I'm really sorry.

斤音軟嬉氾低俚連阻厘梨芝麻嶄哂扮餓阻寔議載宇埜。 Sorry to bother you, but I forgot to take the time difference. I'm sorry to bother you break me forget the time difference count in English, really sorry. 寡追

寔議頁載斤音軟議哂猟鍬咎 I'm really sorry. 嶷泣簡祉 斤音軟sorry; I'm sorry.; I beg your pardon.; excuse me

Sorry. I didn't mean to call you last night .because I'm in a bad mood .i`m very sorry

I'm really sorry, I ran out of money ~泌惚低範辛厘議指基萩式扮泣似‐寡追葎諾吭指基/梓泥~ ~返字戻諒宀壓人薩極嘔貧叔得勺泣‐諾吭/軸辛。 ~低議寡追頁厘念序議強薦~~ ~泌珊嗤仟議諒籾萩嶷仟総翌軟匯籾鯲卩黏基籾音叟彰萩疎盾~~...

My name is Dawei Yi. I'm very sorry for being absent from the last class, because I got the wrong time for the lesson. My oral English is poor. I hope my teacher will forgive me.

I'm really sorry,I I apologize to you.

云輝にも う し わ け ご ざ い ま せ ん。ほんとうに云輝に(寔議掲械)ho n to u ni も う し わ け ご ざ い ま せ ん。賦しUございません┗埜.PS遇拝宸鞘珊喘阻彰悶燕幣斤椎倖繁議恊嶷旺拝風嶷議mo u shi wa ke go za i ma se n 賜...

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