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I am truly sorry.


I can't tell you how sorry I am

给你带来的麻烦真的很抱歉是Bring to you the trouble really sorry 麻烦到你对不起是I am sorry to trouble you 希望你能采用,谢谢

真的很抱歉. 用英文表达是: I'm really sorry.

对不起打扰你休息了我忘记算中英时差了,真的很抱歉。 Sorry to bother you, but I forgot to take the time difference. I'm sorry to bother you break me forget the time difference count in English, really sorry. 采纳

Sorry. I didn't mean to call you last night .because I'm in a bad mood .i‘m very sorry!

My name is Dawei Yi. I'm very sorry for being absent from the last class, because I got the wrong time for the lesson. My oral English is poor. I hope my teacher will forgive me.

真的很抱歉,浪费了的你时间I'm really sorry for wasting your time.

I'm really sorry so late reply to you

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