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I have stayed away from him since I moved here.

I knew him five years ago.

We have been living here since two years ago.

Since I left him to another city, it has been three years.

Since he came here, he has been teaching us English all the time.

I live here since I came to Beijing last year.

你好! 自从他离开南京后,我就再也没见过他 Since he left nanjing, I have never seen him

1.自从我来到这个学校,她一直在教我们 1 since I came to this school, she has taught us 2.公共场合禁止吸烟 Smoking is forbidden in the public. 3.这些天我们在翻译一本英语小说。 3 these days that we in the translation of an English...

自从我认识你已经十年了 It's been ten years since I met you. since 英 [sɪns] 美 [sɪns] prep. 自从;从…以来;自从…之后 adv. 以后,此后;后来;(距今几年)以前;(从那时候起几年)以前 conj. 因为;既然;自从…以来;自从…的时候起

自从我来到这里我就和他保持着联系 Since I came here I have kept in touch with him

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