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I think I'm prEtty gooD, you Do not wAnt to try...


不是男的唱的, 而是声音沙哑的女歌手PINK唱的.Pink ---Heartbreak Down I like to think that i'm a pretty good kisserI like to think I maybe broke a few heartsBut since I met you I'm a victim of disasterI like to think I got it down to an artSo here's

可以,只是would you要委婉一些~


确切的说歌名是 [Bitch] 可参考歌词网 歌曲下载地址: 歌词: I hate the world today You're so good to me I know

katy perry 的【hot n cold】: you change your mind 你改变主意 like a girl changes clothes 就像女孩子换衣服似的 yeah you, pms 没错 你就像得了经前综合症 like a bitch 像个泼妇 i would know 我早该知道 and you over think 你想得太多 always speak

我真的很爱你,也很珍惜你. 请采纳,以此鼓励下我,谢谢.

应该是这个迈克杰克逊的you are not aloneanother day has gone i'm still all alone how could this be you're not here with me you never said goodbye someone tell me why did you have to go and leave my world so cold everyday i sit and ask myself

heart attack demi lovato 唱 的putting my defenses up 竖起防护墙 cause i don't wanna fall in love 因为我不想坠入爱河 if i ever did that, i think i'd have a heart attack 倘若我再次心动,脆弱的心将不堪一击never put my love out on the line 从来不会用

Katy Perry - Teenage DreamYou think I'm pretty without any makeup on 你觉得我不用化妆也很美 You think I'm funny when I tell the punchline wrong 你认为我把俗语说错的时候很有趣 I know you get me 我知道你爱上我了 So I let my walls come

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