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What Goes Up 歌词i\'m going up, down, in and out of my head i\'m so easily lied what goes up - must come down i\'m still

What goes up,must come down 是什么意思?句意“世事有起终有落”。也有稍轻蔑的用意“出来混总是要还的”。看语境判断吧。一般告诫别人不要高兴地太早,不要得意忘形。

What goes up,must come down出自哪首歌What goes up must come down I’ll be around while you heading towards deathtown Allways look forward hardly never look

请问谁有LISA BUND的What goes up的歌词?Why build a miracle at all If all things must pass Even a miracle won't last What goes up, must come down What must

What goes up when the rain comes down?当雨下来的时候什么东西往上走(增长)?An umbrella(雨伞).

what goes up but never comes downWhat goes up and never comes down?翻译为:什么只增长而不减少?回答:It is the age 翻译为:是年龄

What goes up,must come down可以翻译成世事有起有落Prov. Anything that has risen or been raised up must eventually

what goes up but doesn't come down?如题但不要回答time , younth , happines, love ,and so on

What goes up when the rain comes down?同上,这句话当雨下来的时候什么东西往上走(增长)?An umbrella(雨伞).

what goes up when rain comes downrainfall 降雨量

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