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用I like doing sth.的句型来回答。比如I like playing basketball.


My hobby is … 翻译为:“我的爱好是……”

My hobby is reading books.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . what's your hobby? 你的爱好 是什么?

What's your hobby my hobby is listening to music

what's your hobby?是特殊疑问句,用了特殊疑问词what 以下是特殊疑问词 where:哪里(状语) what :什么 what colour:问颜色(表语) what time:问时间点 what language:什么语言 what subject:什么学科 when:问时间 (回答用At... On......

my hobby. different people have different hobbies.such as reading and so on .but my hobby is listen to music and sports l like music.when l 13 years old .l love many kinds of musi such as pop music .rock music and so on it .whe...

i like dancing 纯手打 请采纳 谢谢 祝好运

I like playing basketball

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