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after 是介词或连词

after + 时间段,常用于过去时after + 时间点,可用于各种时态

(1)介词:(a) Please come to my house after dinner.晚饭后(b) He ran after the bus.追赶(c) His mother waited for him night after night.(一个)接着(一个)(d) It's

after 介词 prep.1.(表示时间)在…以后 After the play they called for the author to show himself.剧终之后他们请求编剧和大家见面.2.(表示位置、顺序)在…后面 The King came in, with all his servants following after him.国王走了进来, 所有侍

after +时间:介词短语,用于一般过去时态.当然 after +时刻 (after 3 pm ) 这个可以根据具体情况,用于不同时态.时间+later:副词(短语),意思上也是“经过一段时间之后”,但可以根据情况用于不同时态,They left for this tough journey early this morning,and two hours later they got exhasuted.She said,"I will see you a week later.“

after [':ft, 'f-]基本翻译conj. 在……之后prep. 在……之后adj. 以后的adv. 后来,以后

in +时间段:与将来时连用 after +时间段:与过去时连用 after +时间点:可与将来时连用 He will be back in two hours. He came back after two hours. He will be back after two o\'clock. in+一段时间表示将来时

after 已经是介词了 at 和 on 也是介词所以不能一起用的直接after school 就是放学后的意思了例: Let 's play football after school.

after 比较广,in 加时间时,只表示将来的时间哈I will be here in a minute.这里用了将来时,will be 表示一分钟之后我就来

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