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Air CurtAin 是什么

curtain 英 ['kɜːt(ə)n] 美 ['kɝtn] n. 幕;窗帘 vt. 遮蔽;装上门帘 更多释义>> [网络短语] Curtain 窗帘,帘,帷幕 curtain wall 幕墙,护墙,玻璃幕墙 air curtain 空气幕,风帘,空气帘

curtain airbag 网络释义 双侧安全气帘 短语 Side Curtain Airbag 气囊 Rear Curtain Airbag 气囊 Curtain-shields Airbag 帘式气囊 At present, the protection of curtain airbag in side impact and rollover has raisedwidespread public at...

curtain air bag 全部释义和例句>>帘式气囊


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