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AlwAys got your BACk 的歌词

When you're feeling down And you're in some kind of trouble You just call me on the phone And i'll be there on the double Everyone needs someone close in their lives to hear a problem Who will try to undestand From the thop unt...

Got Your Back暂无中文歌词数据。 歌手:T.I. 发行时间:2010-06-01 歌词: I got your back boy We were high We were low but I promise I will never let you go Said I got I got I got I got your back boy I got I got I got I got your b...

I got your back 原意是“你背后有我哪!” = 别担心,有我在,谁也别想在你背后搞什么名堂。 但是这句话如果用比较邪恶的语气念出来,显然就具有威胁恐吓对方的含义, = “你想清楚,否则我在你背后不客气了!”。 图中左边那个小人更过分,连人家的 ...

i got your back 我得到了你的背 我支持你

I got your back 我支持你 双语对照 例句: 1. I got your back out there tonight. 今晚我会鼎力支持你的。

在背后鼎力相帮你的意思。 1) An expression assuring someone that you are watching out for them. Comes from making sure you are safe by watching what's behind you when you're busy looking ahead. 2) Can be converted to a threat: "...

I got your back 【直译】我得到了你的后背 【意译】我会在背后支持你,英语口语常用语,一般有“别担心,有我在”的含义。

这没为什么,就是口语的习惯。类似说“我有什么什么”,老美都说“i've got ...”而不是“i get ....”

I‘ve got your back 我有你的支持 I got your back. 我挺你/我支持你

韩国的,chocolate cream

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