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Where are they at the break time?他们在休息时间在哪里?重点:break time 休息时间双语例句 Let me answer this briefly now, I'm happy to chat more during break time. 现在我来简要地回答这个问题,我很愿意在休息时间做进一步讨论.

at that time用过去式的时态.at that time的例句:1、At that time my father was head of Paramount Studios.2、I was stupid at that time.3、I was cleaning my house at that time.4、I will be in school at that time.扩展资料:英语时态:1、一般现在时

at this time的意思:此时此刻,在这个时候.at this time英 [t is taim] 美 [t s tam] 重点词汇:1、at 英 [t] 美 [t,t] prep.(表示位置)在;在(某时间或时刻);以,达; 向,朝.n.阿特(老挝辅币单位,100 阿特 = 1 基普).2、

1、意思上的区别 at time:偶而 at times:有时;有时间.2、用法上的区别 at times可以表达时不时地、偶尔、有时候,并且不能直接放谓语动词前面.at a time:表示在某时(强调具体的某一次).例句:①、at times I think the reformers have

at the moment用现在进行时,表示此时 如果要用到过去进行时的话,有几种情况:指明了过去的某个具体时间 at then at that moment (应该没有完整)

例 the first time he came, i knew what he wanted.when he came for the first time, i knew what he the first time, i didn't know what he wanted.for the first time 做时间状语,意思为第一次 the first time 做状语从句的连接词,放在从句前 at the first time 做时间状语,意思为起初

一、 at other times 在其他时间 ,time的名词复数是时间的意思.二、times [英][tamz][美][tamz] n.时代; 有时; 总是; 落后于时代; 时间( time的名词复数 ); 时机; 时代; 所需时间; prep.乘,乘以.例句1. Sometimes we go to the

happy break time After 45 minutes'class,we at last have our break time.Hearing the bell,the students rush out of the classroom.The boys take out their beloved balls,such as footblls./volleyballs ect. The girls usually talks on their seats,and they talk

这个问题……需要PRO回答.at a time一次 每次 at one time=once一度,曾经 at times=sometimes不时,有时 LZ多记忆一些总是好的

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