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都可以表边缘的意思 at----一般表具体意义 eg,he lives at the edge of border. on---表抽象 he is on the edge of collapse,崩溃的边缘

区别在于前者的主语接近边缘,后者的主语位于边缘。 on the edge of 濒于, 几乎, 在边缘,(在桌子边上有一个杯子)。 He is reading a book on the edge of the chair. 他正坐在椅子边上看书. at the edge of 强调边缘和细节,与边缘更近更精确(...

有时候意思和用法都差不多,可以互换使用。on也有“在……的表面”的意思,所以有:He sat on the edge of the desk. at表示的位置比较大概一点。比如:He lives at the edge of the city. 有如:The house is at the edge of the forest.


she lives district 12

at the tip of 在..."尖,点"上 at the edge of 在..."边缘,尽头" so frightened 被吓坏了


It may seem strange, but at that moment, when we were on the edge of the whirlpool, I felt calmer than when we were moving towards it. We went ...

《Twilight and Mist》 《黄昏中薄雾》 英文歌词: As evening fell a maiden stood At the edge of a wood In her hands lay the reins of a ...

i stood at the edge watching the river 我站在河边看着这条河

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