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前者放在句首,后者放在句中(拿做比较的两种东西之间).例:1. different from him,she is an active child.2.this pen is different from that one.

与…不同,不同于 与 和

在什么情况下使用"to be made / to make+from…"呢? 有的讲:to be made表示'被制作',其后面可跟of 的介词短语,或from的介词短语,均译成'由…… 制作的',但是,使用时其意义略有差别.'to be made of'可看成是一种含'物理

一、be made of“由…构成”,能看出原材料,像桌子由木头制成,刀子由铁或金属制成,很明显看出原材料,如:1.My,it must be made of copper. 哇,这只苹果准是铜做的吧.2.“It appears to be made of cotton, ” the Man said. “看起来好像

be made from 指看不到原材料 be made of 指看的到原材料 be made in 指由哪国制造的 后加地点 国家 例 this hat is made in China

be made from 看不出原材料 be made of 看得出原材料

be derived from源自于来源于; 来自; 源自1The relationship can be derived from the model by following the formal traces starting from a business goal, to the business use case realization, to the use case, and finally to the User Goal.该关系可以源自于模型,通过从业务目标开始,到业务用例实现,到用例,并且最终到用户目标的形式化的追溯.

be removed from 意为: 从……剔除;从…移除 例句筛选1.That officer must be removed from his position.那位军官必须免职.2.At this point, the user account information can be removed from the client system and be obtained from the LDAP directory.现在,用户帐号信息可以从客户机系统中删除并从LDAP目录中进行获取了.

有be originated from的用法用originated from都一样的请采纳

be made of,be made from,be made in, [阅读:1265] be made of,be made from,be made in, be made by,be made for, be made out of be made of和be made from都表示“由……制成”,主语为制成品. made of 表示制成成品后,仍可看

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