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BE on thE wAy to Do sth能造什么句


on the way to doing sth 这里的to作介词

on one's way to do sth 以某人的方式做某事 例句 1、Twenty people died on the spot and one on way to Kuqa People's Hospital. 二十人在现场,一路上库车人民医院去世。 2、Chinese Valentine's Day falls on Aug 23 and one way of spendin...

on the way to doing sth 即将做某事 双语对照 例句: 1. One simple way to start doing this is by visiting random articles on wikipedia. 有一种开始这样做的简单方法就是访问wikipedia上的随机文章。 2. Either way, I'm not going to stop...

be friendly to sb. 对。。。友好 很少有 跟to do 或doing的吧。 跟to do 有这种情况但不是 与be friendly to 固定搭配 be friendly to网络解释 1. 对......友好 be fond of 喜爱 | be friendly to 对......友好 | be frozen with 由于......而...


英语中,有avoid sth和avoid doing sth,没有 avoid to do sth 。 它们意思一样,都是“避免。。。”的意思,只是avoid sth接的是名词或代词,avoid doing sth 接的是动名词。如adoid the accident“避免事故”,advoid being injured“避免受伤”.

Mary ,you should keep distance from ice-cream since you are overweight ! At Mary's request,i come here to watch this show. You have made this same mistake 7 times up to now. Don't just request others to do anything,you can hand...

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