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BE up to sB是什么意思?

太经典了 Cuz when you wake up 当你醒来时, I wont be there 我已不会在那里了. 哈哈哈哈 好帖

不是,it做其形式主语只是其中的一种用法。 1、be up to 表示“从事于,忙于”,后面接名词、代词或-ing形式等。 如:All of us are up to good deeds.我们所有人都在做有益的事情。 Go and see what these naughty boys are up to.去看看这些顽皮...

be up to sb to do be up to“由……决定;胜任”。 例如:It's up to you to decide.

(1)没有be up to do这种说法。 (2)be up to doing sth. (体力或智力上)能胜任:I'm not up to going to work today.今天我不能去上班。(可能是身体不舒服。) (3)be up to sth. (体力或智力上)能胜任:He is not up to the job.他无...

be up to sb’s neck 深陷...;忙于...;到...极点 例: 1. Even as a young man he (was up to his neck) in crime. 他年轻时即已恶贯满盈. 2. He (was up to his neck) in debts then. 他当时负债累累。 3. It seems he (is up to his neck) in...

It is up to sb. to do sth. 该句型为“该由某人做。。。”。该句型中up后的to是介词。 It is up to him to clean our classroom today. 今天应由他做教室清洁。 It is up to parents to teach their children manners. 该由父母教孩子礼貌。

固定句型It's up to sb to do sth一般有两种意思: 1)由某人决定去做某事 如:It's up to you to decide how to get there. 由你来决定怎样到达那儿。 2)做某事是某人的义务/职责/责任 如:It's up to her to lock the door. 锁门是她的职责。...

what be sb going to be when sb grow up? 当某人长大后,会是什么? 《百度翻译》供你参考。

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