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be up to something [英][bi: ʌp tu: ˈsʌmθiŋ][美][bi ʌp tu ˈsʌmθɪŋ] 策划(忙于)某事 双语例句 1 Dont ever get too comfortable with the status quo, always be willing to blow it up and s...

sth. be up to sb. 某事是某人的责任 e.g. He should not drive the boy out, it's not up to him. 他不应该把男孩赶出去 ,那不是他的职责。

一般与to连用,即be up to be up to 有两个意思。 第一个意思是指某人有能力完成某项任务或是接受某项挑战。 例如,她能胜任那份工作。 事实上,她可能今天会提前交报告。 She's up to the job. In fact, she'll probably deliver the report ea...

be up to something 策划 be up to sb. 取决于,有。。。决定

be+tailored+to 可定制 双语对照 例句: 1. But for greatest peace of mind, your reserve should be tailored to your circumstances. 但是为了尽可能地放心,你应该根据自己实际情况调整你的现金储备。 2. All our courses can be tailored to...

由你来决定 It's up to you 由你来定

be up to 胜任,从事于; 例句: I'll be up to see you tomorrow. 我明天来看你。 If we stay, we'll be up to our necks. 如果我们还呆在这里, 我们就出不去了。

不是,it做其形式主语只是其中的一种用法。 1、be up to 表示“从事于,忙于”,后面接名词、代词或-ing形式等。 如:All of us are up to good deeds.我们所有人都在做有益的事情。 Go and see what these naughty boys are up to.去看看这些顽皮...

胜任,从事于 It would be up to the courts to decide if workers unfairly sacked on disciplinary grounds should be compensated or reinstated..一个因惩戒性的原因而被解雇的员工能否得到赔偿或能否重回工作岗位将由法院来决定。

be up to 胜任;该由…负责;轮到…;从事,忙于

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