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Butt oFF

work one's butt off 拼命工作 双语对照 例句: 1. Dandruff flaking off one's scalp. 从头皮上脱落下的头皮屑。 2. End off one's talk with a joke. 用讲一个笑话来结束谈话。 3. He deserves it. He's been working his butt off since he st...

不太清楚,但是肯定不是“补捣”,“butt-off补捣”是冶金术语 (metallurgy) To supplement ramming in the production of castings by either manual or pneumatic jolting. 这里的butt-off是肯定是一种材料,因为有“pulp made from butt-offs”,纸...

我不想成为他们的笑柄会使我很冷. freeze 寒冷 butt 笑柄

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