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You mean to say After all the years of lovin' After all the tears are far away You could throw away All the dreams we build together Can't believe you mean the things you say I remember you with a loving way In your eyes, in yo...

by way of background 按背景 双语例句 1 What's the background of these two? 这两个人是哪条道上的? 2 Our whole way of life had crumbled. 我们的整个生活方式已经崩溃了。

缩写指把词组的首字母缩略出来的一种简便写法,by the way 三个词的首字母是 b、t、w,所以缩写是 btw。

of coz. 这个是of course的简写,非正式写法 当然的意思 请采纳

by the way顺便问一问 on the way1.在途中 2.在路上;即将发生 in the way1.挡道的,妨碍人的,使人不便的 2.对……方式 3.挡住路,碍事 至于of the way好像不是一个单纯的固定搭配,我给你一些例子吧…… 1.keep out of the way避开 We did our bes...

特指双方熟悉 上文已经提及 世上独一无二 方位名词乐器 某些专有名词 外加复数姓氏 序数词最高级 习惯用语要特记

across the way 路对面, 街对面 over the way 路对面, 街对面 a long way off 在远处, 离得远 all the way 一路上, 沿路 从远处, 特地 自始至终 all the other way [口]相反的, 颠倒过来 quite the other way [口]相反的, 颠倒过来 very much th...

all the way一路上 by the way顺便说 by way of经由,作为 make/lose/find one's way到.../迷路/找到路 get/have one's own way为所欲为 give way屈服,倒塌 go one's own way按自己的意愿行事 in a way/in one way/in some ways在某种程度上 in ... the way(挡路;妨碍): Her social life got in the way of her studies(她的社会活动妨碍了她的学习。) 2. In a way,是"某个方面","在某种意义上"。如In a way,he was right.(在某个意义上说,他是对的。)

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