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歌曲名:Call On Me歌手:Big Brother & The Holding Company&Janis Joplin专辑:The Essential Janis Joplin 3.0Artist: Janet Jackson (f/ Nelly)Song Call On MeLyrics :I don't know if I've ever felt like this beforeBut I'm sure that the way I feel, I don't

cut me loose(seeb remix) - kieszaso this is what it isi'm just another kissafter you swore to menow i can truly seei should of known when you came to mei had eyes on a treasure i couldn't truly keepgot so buried in love i cold hardly breathefed you all


call me 是打电话给我call on 是拜访,访问,号召或者要求的意思.可以翻译为拜访我,呼唤我等等,你懂的~~~~

Sometimes in our lines we all have pain, we all have sorrow.有时候,我们的生活中会有痛苦和忧伤.But if we are wise,we know that there`s always tomorrow.但如果我们足够明智,就应该明白我们还会有明天.Lean on me when you`re not strong.

call onv.号召, 呼吁, 邀请, 访问, 指派, 要(学生)回答问题call on me 邀请我 的意思吧

我..知..道 加..我..私..聊

歌曲名:Call On Me歌手:Morley专辑:SeenCraig Amaker - Call on MeMaximal RnB - Your first RnB sourcewhenever u need a friend, i'll be right there for yajust call on my nameand anytime, anyplace, i'm there for ya, brotherjust call on me, yescan

Call for在表示“号召”意思时,侧重于“要求”,后边常常直接跟名词.如: The letter calls for an investigation of the facts. 来信要求对这些事实进行调查.此外,call for 还有1.去接(某人), 去取(某物) 2.需要 两个意思.如:I will call for

callled 是call 的过去式.时态不一样 这就是区别..

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