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你好!came 英[kem] 美[kem] v. 来( come的过去式 ); 到达; 达到(认识、理解或相信的程度); 出生; [例句]It was lucky you came along.真幸运你来了.

came 英[kem] 美[kem]v. 来( come的过去式 ); 到达; 达到(认识、理解或相信的程度); 出生;[例句]it was lucky you came along.真幸运你来了.[其他] 原型: come

美音:[km]英音:[km]不及物动词 vi.1. 来;来到Could you come (to) see me tomorrow?你明天能来看我吗?Come and look at the picture.过来看看这幅画. 2. (往对方的方向)去;(说话者与对方一起)去Will you come with me to the store

came to 的意思是“来到”.如: He came to the park. 他来到公园.

基本释义(本释义前10条来自《牛津高阶英汉双解词典 第六版》)⒈(演员)登台,上场,(运动员)上场owen came on for fowler ten minutes before the end of the game.比赛结束前十分钟,欧文上场替换了福勒. ⒉进展,改进,改善,发展

friend came朋友来了双语对照例句:1.Mine came when a friend came to clinic my band. 当一位朋友来诊断我的乐队的时候,我觉醒了.

1 赶上; 【=catch up with] 2 想出【= think of】 你的采纳我的动力很高兴能够帮助你

1. 出现The moon came out from behind the clouds. 月亮从云后露出脸来. 2. 出版When will his new novel come out? 他新创作的小说什么时候出版? 3. 结果是The party came out all right. 晚会开得很好. 4. 传出When the news came out,

The sun goes down, The stars come out 夕阳斜下 繁星满天 And all that counts Is here and now 此时此刻 最是重要 My universe will never be the same 我的世界再不会和以前一样 I'm glad you came 真高兴你的到来 You cast a spell on me, spell on

应该没有这个词,不过倒是有camel 骆驼 【船】起重浮箱,打捞浮筒 驼色,浅黄褐色

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