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CAn not stAnD Doing

can't stand to do 与can't stand doing的区别是: can't stand to do 表示不能忍受将要做的事; can't stand doing 表示不能忍受做某事。 stand基本释义: n. ①立脚点;站立。②台,座。③售货处;摊。④看台,观众席。⑤主张,立场;态度。⑥中止,...

stand to英 [ stænd tu: ]美 [ stænd tu ]准备行动;不放弃…, 坚持…; 双语例句权威例句1. The teapot came with a stand to catch the drips. 那把茶壶配有一个可以接滴水的茶托。 2. His shops stand to lose millions of pounds. 他...

can't stand 通常用于口语:不能忍受(某人、某物、做某事): 常用于can't stand sth./can't stand doing/can't stand to do/can't stand sb.doing sth. I can't stand whiskey.威士忌我受不了. I'm so mad,I an hardly stand the sight of him...

can't stand to do sth.无法忍受而去做(来阻止讨厌的事) can't stand doing sth无法忍受做这件事

Can't stand to do 表示不能忍受将要做的事,can't stand doing表示不能忍受做某事

+ doing I can't stand being laughed at in public

1.stand to 表示“遵守,坚持”,后接名词或代词等.比如: A man should stand to his promise. 一个男子汉应该信守诺言. 2.stand doing 忍受做某事.比如: I can't stand sitting and doing nothing. 我受不了整天坐着无事可做.

can't stand doing sth是指不能忍受做某事忍不住做某事 是can't help doing sth

没有stand to do这种说法。 stand to表示“支持(某种行为)”,后面跟名词或名词性词组。 stand (sb)doing则表示“忍受(某人)做某事”。

can't help doing sth是指禁不住做某事 而can't stand doing sth是指不能忍受做某事 望采纳

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